When is it time to see a Calgary Sex Therapist?

If you’re having sexual issues and problems that you would like to work through, sex therapy might be a good solution for you.

Here are some other things to consider that can help you determine whether sex therapy is right for you.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you willing to talk about your sexual issues? A sex therapist in Calgary will ask you questions about your sex life and your sexual issues, so you’ll have to be open to discussing these matters in the sex therapist’s office.
  2. Is your partner is interested in sex therapy as well? A sex therapist might ask you to bring your partner to sessions so you can discuss your sexual issues together. Other relationship issues can affect your sex life together, so a sex therapist will be interested in discussing them with your partner.
  3. Have your sexual issues and/or problems have been bothering you for a while? If you have already tried to resolve your sexual issues and haven’t been able to do so, try seeing assistance from a qualified sex therapist.
  4. Are you able to pay for sex therapy? Some insurance plans in Calgary cover sessions with a sex therapist, so check with your health insurance and find out whether yours does.

Insight’s Sex Therapy in Calgary

Sex therapy is one of specialties at Insight Psychological, and we are proud to offer our Calgary residents therapy under the guidance of a Diplomat in sex therapy, Cory Hrushka

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What are the benefits of sex therapy for couples?

Sex therapy can provide numerous benefits for couples, including helping them overcome challenges that may negatively impact their sexual satisfaction. By addressing issues like mismatched libidos, sexual pain disorders, or communication problems, therapy can help partners create a fulfilling sex life and enhance their intimate relationships. To learn more about the benefits of sex therapy for couples, you can read our recent article, which discusses the benefits of sex therapy for couples in more detail. The article also provides valuable information on the signs that indicate a need for sex therapy, common reasons couples seek help, and how to navigate the challenges of intimacy in a relationship.