Prepare your kids for Child’s Therapy

Posted on 21/11/2011 in Children, Parenting, Tips for Therapy

Preparing your kids for children's therapy in Calgary simply means letting them know how much you love them and want them to be happy. Explain how much better they will feel better about themselves by talking to someone who can help them deal with intense and overwhelming feelings. More importantly, be honest about why you're taking your child to a therapist and about the reasons why he or she needs to make adjustments to certain behaviors that are causing anger or unhappiness. Children should also be told they are not being singled out for creating problems but that therapy is… Read More Here!


Enriching your family with family counselling in Calgary

Posted on 21/11/2011 in Children, Family Issues, Parenting

Family counselling with Insight in our Calgary location can help families who are having difficulty communicating with each other. Generally, this is one of the main reasons that families suffer problems intense enough to force them to seek assistance in the first place. With counselling, family members learn about each other in ways that they could not learn without the assistance of Insights team. Our counselors act as a mediator, psychologist and guide to helping family members live and grow together in peace. Family counseling, like individual counseling, offers a variety of coping techniques meant to facilitate the healing process… Read More Here!


Can My Child Benefit From Therapy?

Posted on 21/11/2011 in Children, Family Issues, Parenting

Parenting is a difficult and complicated process that predominantly involves understanding the emotional and intellectual needs of your child. Some children present more problems than others, especially in areas of impulse control and anger management. Common Issues Common issues which may warrant considering children's therapy with a professional therapist include: frequent fighting with peers bed-wetting extreme shyness anger issues appearing sad and depressed for no reason difficulty completing school work showing no respect for teachers or other authority figures exhibiting obsessive-compulsive characteristics. Insight's children's psychologists in Edmonton are trained to recognize whether a problem actually exists which needs to be… Read More Here!


Choosing the Right Child Psychologist in Calgary

Posted on 21/11/2011 in Children, Parenting, Tips for Therapy

Choosing the right child psychologist is important to both you and your child. A troubled child who does not like their therapist will not respond well to treatment and may even develop worsening symptoms. Additionally, you want to feel comfortable around your child's psychologist and feel like he or she understands and empathizes with the problems you and your child are experiencing. Where to Start An excellent way to begin the process of choosing the right child psychologist is to schedule an initial visit with one of Insight's Psychologists in Calgary before bringing your child in. Here, you can discuss… Read More Here!


Why Siblings Fight

Posted on 24/05/2011 in Children, Family Issues, Parenting

“Ahh, the sweet sound of siblings fighting” said no parent ever! Siblings who argue, tease each other mercilessly, even resort to fighting physically are a cause of major frustration for parents who are constantly acting as referee. Although jealousy is what often what comes to mind when siblings fight, it is not the only reason. Sibling squabbles start after the second child is born and continues until both grow old enough to leave the home. Even then, arguments among adult siblings are still not uncommon. CHANGING NEEDS The different needs of children as they grow can affect how they relate… Read More Here!