Enriching your family with family counselling in Calgary

Family counselling with Insight in our Calgary location can help families who are having difficulty communicating with each other. Generally, this is one of the main reasons that families suffer problems intense enough to force them to seek assistance in the first place.

With counselling, family members learn about each other in ways that they could not learn without the assistance of Insights team. Our counselors act as a mediator, psychologist and guide to helping family members live and grow together in peace. Family counseling, like individual counseling, offers a variety of coping techniques meant to facilitate the healing process between  family members who can no longer communicate effectively with one another.

Insights Specialty Family Counselling

One technique that may be used by our Calgary counsellors is called the “person in the center” technique. This kind of family counseling can enrich relationships because it allows one person to have complete control over a session, meaning one person is allowed to speak while the others must listen. Not being heard by other members of the family is a common complaint by families seeking counseling.

Measured Results

Using this effective method allows each individual to talk about what is important to them, what causes them anxiety or anger and what they think needs to change within the family unit to effect a harmonious existence in the household.