Should I take my Child to a Psychologist?

Taking your child to a professional child psychologist in Red Deer can make all the difference in the emotional and mental well-being of a troubled child.

When a child begins exhibiting behaviours such as aggression, impulsiveness, fighting or withdrawing from friends and family, something may be happening in the child’s life of which parents may not be aware.

Parent-Child Communication

Even within a strong Parent-Child relationship, children often do not want parents to know of problems going on in their lives for fear of being blamed for the problem or because they do not want to contribute to an existing issue such as divorce or marital difficulties. Child psychologists are experienced in helping children of all ages discuss embarrassing and uncomfortable emotional issues with which they cannot cope.

Watching for Behavioral Changes

If you are wondering whether your child should be taken to a psychologist, think about whether you have witnessed any abrupt personality changes in the past few weeks or months that are not characteristic of your child’s usual behaviour. Also, a change in school grades that were once acceptable to you may not be as acceptable anymore. Additionally, perhaps your child’s teacher has had to recently reprimand your child more than once for disruptive behaviour in the classroom.

However, it is important to remember that taking your child to see a child psychologist does not mean there is something wrong with your child. Rather, it simply means you are concerned about recent changes in your child’s behaviour and would like to have the opinion of someone who is trained to recognize potential problems in childhood development.

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