What does a child psychologist do?

A child psychologist in Edmonton is a trained counsellor who specializes in helping children who suffer with mental health issues that are serious enough to interfere with family relationships, peer relationships and academic work.

Is there a ‘right’ age to seek counselling?

Child psychologists may treat children as young as three years old – or as old as 18 years of age. Generally speaking, the ‘right’ time is when parents simply do not know what to do when a child begins acting differently.

Parent-Child Connection

Often, the parents are experiencing problems in their lives as well and are having difficulty managing both their personal issues and the difficulties concerning the child. Child psychologists are adept at dealing with children because they are knowledgeable regarding the different development levels of children, and what should be expected from a child of a certain age.

Techniques used by Child Psychologists

By using a variety of psychological techniques, Insight’s child psychologists communicate with a child in ways a parent or teacher may not be able. Children are frequently afraid to talk with parents about their problems because they think they will be blamed for causing the problem.

Additionally, children often consider themselves to be the reason for their parents’ divorce, which generates intense feelings of anger, depression and anxiety with which they cannot cope.

Talking to a trained child psychologist in Edmonton can provide a distressed child with the tools needed to effectively cope with issues they do not fully understand.

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