Prepare your kids for Child’s Therapy

Preparing your kids for children’s therapy in Calgary simply means letting them know how much you love them and want them to be happy. Explain how much better they will feel better about themselves by talking to someone who can help them deal with intense and overwhelming feelings. More importantly, be honest about why you’re taking your child to a therapist and about the reasons why he or she needs to make adjustments to certain behaviors that are causing anger or unhappiness.

Children should also be told they are not being singled out for creating problems but that therapy is meant to benefit everyone in the family.

What if my child refuses to go?

Most kids initially resist the idea of being made to participate in children’s therapy. Before seeing a child therapist, tell your child that counselers are not just for people who are mentally ill.

Explain that many people have trouble handling strong emotions because they need help understanding why they feel this way. Tell them that counselors are special people who will help them understand and cope with such feelings that make them feel confused and sad all the time.

Additionally, telling them exactly what will happen once they arrive at the therapist’s office relieves the uneasiness a child undoubtedly feels before talking to a therapist. Afterwards, you might think about taking the child to the park or some other activity he enjoys to promote an association of reward with therapy time.