Calgary Marriage Counselling – Do we need a Couples Counsellor?

Deciding to participate in marriage counselling can be a difficult decision to make, especially when couples are wondering if it would actually help.

Generally, if a couple thinks they may need the intervention of a professional marriage counsellor, then something is happening within the dynamics of the marriage that is making each of them unhappy.

Problems that cause many couples to seek marriage counselling include:

  • disagreements about raising children
  • financial problems
  • infidelity
  • sexual issues.

Further, choosing to attend marriage counselling sessions instead of heading straight to divorce court means that spouses sincerely want to make a marriage work.

Will our problems just work themselves out?

The only way to know whether you genuinely need the services of a Calgary marriage counsellor is to simply make an appointment and attend an initial session.

Discussing specific problems with the counsellor and allowing him to witness first-hand the interaction process between you and your spouse is the best way to discover whether you can solve problems together or need the temporary assistance of a professional who understands the emotional and psychological complexities of marriage.

When wedded relationships need healing in order to start fresh, a Calgary marriage counsellor can provide guidance to begin and complete this special kind of healing process.

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