Marriage Counselling in Edmonton

Marriage involves open communication, respect and commitment. Sometimes couples may find themselves arguing and resenting the other more often than not without really understanding what is happening between them.

When a couple decides to participate in marriage counselling in Edmonton, they will discover how to effectively communicate and avoid confrontations that result in both spouses refusing to speak about what they are truly feeling. Arguments, believe it or not, can be productive rather than counterproductive to a marriage if they are properly utilized. Edmonton marriage therapists bring insight and compassion to marriage counselling sessions which allow couples to open up and discuss feelings they find difficult to admit.

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Couples frequently encounter new problems after the birth of a baby. When responsibilities do not seem to be equally shared through the eyes of one spouse, resentment and anger builds, sometimes requiring the intervention of a marriage counsellor. Overwhelmed by the demands of a new baby and worrying about being a good parent, couples tend to neglect each other or expect one to behave in a certain way. Coping mechanisms may get stretched beyond their capacity to work well anymore and spouses begin to wonder if the marriage was a mistake.

Marriage counselling, however, can help couples solve these issues that are predominantly miscommunication issues and teach them how to discuss problems rather than argue about them.

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