Notice of Upcoming Service Fee Increase

Posted on 17/05/2022 in News, Uncategorized

Effective August 1st, 2022, Insight will be increasing its standard service fee from $200 per hour to $210 per hour. We thank you for your ongoing support and trust that these changes will help us continue providing you with high quality, multi-specialty psychological care.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected] Read More Here!


Cognitive Perceptual Pricing

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Our Concussion and Cognitive Perceptual Specialist, Jaci Freeman uses state-of-art perceptual-cognitive equipment and tools such as the Neurotracker, DynaVision, Fitlight, and more to help assess, re-train and re-build as much as possible, a person's cognitive and functional abilities as well as help them to gain new skills to compensate for what was lost. We will also help them to deal with the psychological and relational impact of their impairment. Ultimately, we aim to help the person regain a noticeable degree of their cognitive functions and independence. Jaci's current packages and pricing is as follows: Initial Consultation - FREE! $1200 for… Read More Here!


About Amare

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We are experts in sexuality, intimacy, and gender! Amare means “to love” in the Latin language and we feel this is a perfect word to represent our program that focuses on all things about love and intimacy, sexuality, and gender. Our team of highly experienced therapists, including Certified Sex Therapists are here to support you as you explore your sexuality, your gender, and your intimate relationships. We offer support, information, and therapy for the following areas: Sexuality Fetishes and philias Alt sex behaviours (polyamoury, swinging, BDSM, etc.) Out of control sexual behaviours (excessive pornography use, sex dependence, etc.) Male sexual… Read More Here!



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MyPsychPulse is brought to you by one of Canada’s fastest growing, multi-award winning psychological care provider, Insight Psychological Inc. and its corporate services division, Insight Corporate Care. ​MyPsychPulse is an online premium mental health and work stress scan that: ​Helps individuals (18 or older) get a better understanding of their current mental health and work stress condition, so that they can seek further assessment, support, and/or intervention where applicable, in order to stay healthy and productive. Helps organizations gauge the collective mental health and work stress condition of their employees/members, so that they can develop targeted strategies, programs, and solutions to address… Read More Here!