Workplace Resource Network: Business Management Networking & Presentations

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  Connect with other professionals and join us in the first of a series for this meaningful presentation about emotional intelligence and legal considerations in sexual harassment cases. To register, please click here. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9TH, 2019 - Emotional Intelligence & Legal Considerations in Harassment Cases 5:30 PM TO 7:30 PM The Workplace Resource Network brings together business and managment professionals who want to be on the leading curve of issues facing the work...Read More Here!


The Joys of the Holiday Season – Coping with Holiday Stress

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As Christmas approaches, we look forward to spending time with family and loved ones, giving and receiving gifts, having some “holiday cheer” and enjoying the plentiful amount of food and beverages.  Unfortunately, not all of these activities are enjoyable for everyone, especially if you have some unhealthy family members, family conflict, misbehaving children, or that “interesting” uncle/aunt that everyone wants to avoid.  Coping with holiday stress becomes an important skill, as ...Read More Here!