RAE Institute

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The RAE Institute for Clinical Research, Assessment, and Education is a collaborative venture between Insight Psychological and Family Solutions Group, dedicated to fostering excellence in the field of psychology. The commitment to professional development is exemplified through the three comprehensive training programs offered, the Master Clinician Program, Advanced Supervisor Certificate Program, and Formal Clinical Assessment Certificate Program.​ Each of the programs that RAE Institute offers are developed and facilitated by Senior Registered Psychologists. All Instructors have been recognized by the Court of Kings Bench and provincial courts as expert witnesses, qualified to provide expert testimony in clinical psychology and psychological… Read More Here!


Our Mission, Vision, and Key Values

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"With excellence in service, integrity in action, and compassion in client care as our guiding principles, Insight strives to be the most trusted and sought-after provider of high-quality psychological care in every single community we serve. Fundamentally, every individual chosen to join Insight has a strong and sincere passion for improving, enriching, and optimizing life. Regardless of whatever is happening around us, we never lose sight of the ultimate purpose for all our efforts and for our very existence - and that is to improve and change lives, be that directly or indirectly, every hour of every day that we open… Read More Here!


Insight Psychological Provisional Open House

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Join us for Insight's Provisional Open House on Saturday, August 26th, 2023! This is your chance to explore our facilities, meet our team of professionals, and learn about our services! Our experienced team will be available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on any next steps. Click HERE to secure your ticket! Please RSVP by August 12th, 2023. Read More Here!


Insight Psychological Practicum Open House

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Join us for Insight's practicum therapist open house on July 21st, 2023! We welcome current master's level students looking to secure a placement for their practicum term starting in January 2023 with Insight Psychological. Please note that this practicum open house is only for those looking to do their placement at our Edmonton locations. Come experience what it would be like to complete your placement at Insight! Click HERE  to secure your ticket! Please RSVP by July 7th, 2023. Read More Here!