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Justin Fairman asked 12 years ago

Hi I’m having a really hard day today I get so angry and depressed. Then I’ll start to cry, I pulled over on the highway today and was deciding if I should jump in front of a semi truck. Last month I was happy as could be and nothing could bum me out. I feel my highs and lows are getting wors

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

From your given information, you are experiencing significant mood fluctuations which can indicate issues that are similar to bipolar disorder. To manage this, I would suggest implementing a balanced schedule to follow in your life that includes proper nutrition, physical activity, and a consistent sleep regimen. This can provide an element of consistency and stability, which can help you monitor the highs and lows that you are currently experiencing. It can also reduce the severity of these highs and lows. I would also suggest seeking support with one of our counsellors at Insight Psychological. With psychotherapy, a therapist can help you identify possible triggers that may result in these mood alterations and also help establish some coping mechanisms during the highs and lows. Medication is also commonly used to manage such mood fluctuations. If this is something you think would be benifical, I would also suggest speaking with your family physican about these symptoms as well. The combination of different support and management can help reduce the severity that you are experiencing with your mood fluctuations.