Mental Health and Safety Training for Employees

Insight offers training and workshops in general and targeted specialty areas of mental health and safety that are most relevant to today’s workforce and work environments. Depending on the topic and content to be covered, group training and workshops for employees can be one-hour (lunch-and-learn), half-day, full-day, or two-days long. Customized duration is also possible for some training. Topics in demand include the following. Our trainers can also provide training on other tailored topics.

Group training offered by Insight Psychological are as follows:

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Strategies for Reconnecting with Wellness and Self-Care
  • Recognizing and Supporting Co-workers/Employees with Mental Health Issues
  • Stress Management and Burnout Prevention
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Training
  • Gender Sensitive Support in the Workplace
    • Supporting Women’s Mental Health
    • Supporting Men’s Mental Health
    • Supporting the Mental Health of LGBTQIA2S+ members
  • Dealing with Compulsive Behaviour Impacting Work
  • Dealing with Personal and Workplace Related Trauma
  • Dealing with Grief, Loss, and Transition Difficulties
  • Understanding and Supporting Those with Severe, Complex, and/or Co-morbid (multi-issue) Mental Health Difficulties
  • Supporting Those with Developmental and Cognitive Disabilities
  • Understanding and Dealing with Employees whose work is Impacted by the Mental Health Difficulties of Their Family Members

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