How to Deal with a Teen who has Compulsive Exercise Disorder

Posted on 24/05/2011 in Body Image, Children, Parenting

Most people agree that regular activity is a good thing for the body. Exercise triggers the release of endorphins in the body. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of well-being that often comes after exercise, sex, or eating chocolate. Called the endorphin rush, this has a number of beneficial effects for the body – such as increasing pleasure and reducing pain. Exercise strengthens the heart and the muscles, gets rid of unwanted weight, lowers the amount of fat in the body, and reduces the risk of disease. All of these contribute to an overall sense of well being. WHAT… Read More Here!


Dealing with the Divorce or Separation of Your Parents

Posted on 24/05/2011 in Family Issues, Grief, Parenting

If your parents are going through a separation or divorce, a lot of feelings may be going through you at this time and this is normal. Anxiety, fear, shock and surprise, anger and even guilt may be the feelings that are ruling your emotions right now. It is common for kids to feel this way. Divorce often gives the impression of uncertainty especially since this is something that most kids and even adults are not familiar with. Some kids may also feel embarrassed that their parents are getting divorced and may try to hide this fact from friends and other… Read More Here!