What happens during a visit to a Hypnotherapist?

An initial visit with a hypnotherapist in Calgary will have you meeting the hypnotherapist and discussing why you think you may need to be hypnotized. By asking specific questions, the therapist also discovers what yours goal are, what you want to achieve by being hypnotized and whether you would be a good candidate for hypnotherapy.

A few individuals possess extremely strong personalities and simply cannot relinquish control to another, even if that person is a professional. However, most people are able to be hypnotized but may need more time and the use of alternative techniques by a hypnotherapist.

How do I prepare for Hypnotherapy?

Clients may be given psychotherapy prior to the hypnotism in order to explore problems and discover insights they may not have been aware of in the past. Once the client feels comfortable, the hypnotherapist will begin talking to the person in modulated tones and carefully start making suggestions.

Insight’s hypnotherapists in Calgary have their unique method of hypnotizing patients. Some may play quiet music in the background, while others will offer total silence. A client may be asked to concentrate on a picture, a painting or other object that is intended to promote feelings of relaxation and peace.

Alternatively, the hypnotherapist may also ask the client to bring in something from home like a knick-knack or picture that makes them feel calm and comfortable to be used as a focal point.

Is Hypnotherapy right for me?

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