Risk factors in Edmonton for Depression

Basic risk factors for depression include having close family members who have suffered depression; experiencing multiple stressful events in a short period of time (divorce, death of loved one, economic hardships) and having a chronic medical condition.

Edmonton depression counselors can help someone who is clinically depressed by providing counseling and the utilization of therapeutic techniques that alleviate depression symptoms. Risk factors for depression are investigated by a depression counselor during the initial visit. Additionally, depression screenings are also integrated into counselling sessions which can inform the counselor of risk factors unknown to the patient.

Other depression risk factors include isolation from friends and family, having a personality disorder and experiencing trauma during childhood. A professional depression counselor in Edmonton will talk to you about these risks, as well as teach you how to effectively deal with issues that are causing your depression.

Although risk factors are good indications of whether someone will suffer from depression at some point in his or her life, this does not mean that a person with these factors will eventually be diagnosed with clinical depression. However, depression counselors can also prevent depression from taking over someone’s life when they may be influenced by risk factors for depression.