Psychological Mediation Services

If you find yourself in need of mediation, consider bringing in a psychologist mediator. A mediator who is also a psychologist brings an added level of comfort and ease to the mediation process, which will help to facilitate a resolution that everyone can agree upon.

Why choose a psychologist mediator?

The clinical skills and experience used in assessment, diagnosis and treatment by psychologists are invaluable in mediation. The following are just a few of the ways having a psychologist mediator can help to resolve issues efficiently and effectively:

  • They make you feel heard. It’s important that every party feels as if their voices are heard, because if either party feels ignored, resolution can be interrupted.
  • They can help you come to terms with loss. Beginning to come to terms with loss is essential for reaching a compromise in any dispute.
  • They are patient. Because psychologists are trained to follow narrative and pacing, this means they are less likely to become impatient with the pace or progress of the conversation.
  • They think outside the box. A psychologist’s mind is not bound by the chains of the legal process; therefore, if mediation is threatening to stall, they are able to approach things from a different angle.
  • They understand how trauma affects your ability to share. A psychologist can understand how trauma may affect a client’s ability to tell his of her story.
  • They can pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues. Depending on the tone, body language or gestures, the mediator can make the necessary changes in order to enhance the mediation and keep things on track.

How it works

A psychologist mediator will not try to diagnose any of the people involved. They simply use their specialized skill set to facilitate discussion and bring about resolution. By bringing a holistic approach to the mediation process, it allows for a greater understanding of the issue at hand, and brings about creative options for resolution.

How Insight can help

The science of psychology is very valuable as a dispute resolution tool. Insight Psychological has a number of expert psychologist mediators, and they are ready to help you solve whatever issue you may be facing. If you’d like to learn more about how a psychologist mediator can help bring a fresh outlook to your mediation, give the team at Insight Psychological a call.