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Jane asked 12 years ago

I need to study but I can’t, I am finding everything to do but study and I am getting trapped in my head – I think I may be a little depressed and everyone keeps telling me to just change and pull myself out of it but I can’t – what do I do? please help me

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Avoiding necessary tasks could be one of the signs of depression, but it is not enough to make a diagnosis. In the same regard, it is very difficult to “pull yourself out of it” so I’m sure this advice is not helping.

Sometimes before taking on a big mental task (like studying), people find other things to do. There are many university students who talk about organizing a closet before studying. There’s something psychologically grounding about it. It’s like clearing up physical clutter before diving into the mental clutter. So my first advice to you is to give yourself a break. It’s okay to take time out and procrastinate.  It sounds like you need a break from your head, so give yourself permission to go for a walk or organize a closet before you study. If you find after this mental break, you still cannot focus on your studies, you may want to talk to someone. IS there a counselor at your school you can talk to? you may need to do some work on thought stopping or learning how to control your thoughts so they do not control you. You will not be able to study if your brain is too busy. So it’s important to learn how to create space in there.

If you do not have anyone at your school to talk to, you can always s contact The Support Network (780-482-0198),