Upcoming Workshop – Reclaiming the Bedroom One Day Intensive, Saturday March 9th

Reclaiming the Bedroom – One Day Intensive

Take your relationship to the next level with this guided learning seminar on Intimacy and Passion, presented by Edmonton’s only AASECT certified (Diplomate) Sex Therapist.  This session is an exclusive one day intensive for couples with an option to book a hotel room at a discounted rate to continue to exploration long after the workshop is over!

Reclaiming the Bedroom – One Day Intensive will explore the significance and deeper understanding of Intimacy (the nonsexual connection and closeness) and its relevance to relationships, sexuality and passion. The Intimacy component of this workshop includes learning and guided activities involving refining communication skillsunderstanding wants and desiresimproving intimate expressionattachmentsensuality as well as exploring roadblocks to these activities (including repair of relationship breaches or trust). Our Passion component works to enhance one’s understanding of sexual desire and arousalboundary exploration and growth, and the play with power dynamics. This workshop will also explore personal and relational arousal templates and “firing up” passion.  Issues, causes, and treatments for sexual dysfunctions will be covered as well.

Make a Weekend of it!

Limited rooms are available to book at the Sandman Signature Hotel Edmonton South at a discounted rate of $119/night for March 8 and/or 9th. Upon registration, attendees will recieve a reference number and instructions to book your discounted hotel room. Rooms are not required, but are a fun way to dedicate your weekend to exploring each other and practicing skills learned in the workshop.*Rooms must be booked prior to February 15, 2019 to secure this special rate. Particpants are responsible to book their rooms and for all fees associated with the reservation. Insight Psychological does not incur any costs or responsibilities related to this bonus room rate offer.

To learn more and register, check out our events calendar.