Upcoming Event: Reclaiming the Bedroom: Intimacy – Sept. 27, 2018

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Take your bedroom (or other location) activities to the next level with this guided learning seminar! This session is part of a Reclaiming the Bedroom series*, with this session exploring the significance and deeper understanding of Intimacy (the nonsexual connection and closeness) and its relevance to relationships, sexuality and passion. This seminar will include learning and guided activities involving refining communication skills, understanding wants and desires, improving intimate expression, attachment, sensuality as well as exploring roadblocks to these activities (including repair of relationship breaches or trust).

Content will be covered in combination of lecture, group discussion and hands on activities. Upon registration you will receive an activity to complete prior to attendance. Completing this exercise prior to the workshop is important as it will provide you with the framework and references to participate and be engaged more fully in the workshop.

*Be sure to check out and register for Reclaiming the Bedroom – Passion. You are able to take one or both of the offered Reclaiming the Bedroom seminars in any order.

Learning for Everyone

This seminar is open to everyone 18+. You can come with your partner, a friend or by yourself. Insight Psychological is inclusive of all genders, orientations, and relationships. Please note that this workshop will contain language pertaining to Feminine and Masculine brains, which in no way reflects nor represents the dimensions of gender and/or sexual orientation. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email the workshop facilitator.

Presented by Edmonton’s only AASECT Diplomate of Sex Therapy

Dr. Cory Hrushka is a Registered Psychologist, an AASECT certified (Diplomate) Sex Therapist/ and Supervisor as well as an Associate in Sex Education and a Clinical Sexologist. Cory is also frequently contacted by magazines and major newspapers for interviews and has often been quoted in print on topics related to sexuality and relationships issues. He has been quoted in the Edmonton Journal, the Edmonton and Toronto Sun, and See Magazine to name a few and Cory has been a regular guest on Access/Help T.V. and has also made regular guest appearances on CBC T.V., CBC radio the A Channel, Corus, Alberta primetime, 630 CHED and was a brief regular on the Ryan Jespersen show.

Kelly Jenny is a Counsellor working towards her Masters in Counselling Psychology. She has been a presenter for the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists (AASECT).

Insurance Coverage

The fee for this Registered Psychologist led seminar can be claimed through most extended health care plans. Your official receipts will be provided at the workshop.


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