Introducing Insight Effectus

Insight Effectus is a collaborative venture between Insight Psychological and Concussion Specialist & Cognitive Visual Trainer, Jaci Freeman. Together, we bring our combined expertise in cognitive functioning, mental performance, and psychological health to offer our clients a well-rounded, effective approach to the development and maintenance of high performance.

Our collective experience gives us a strong understanding of what is truly needed to develop and sustain high performance. It’s not sufficient to focus only on the improvement of cognitive skills and functioning. There is also a clear need to ensure that other critical performance-affecting factors such as: psychological issues and barriers, social factors, medical issues, and specific self-care deficiencies are properly addressed. Only then, can someone fully develop and sustain high performance.

Insight Effectus and its multi-disciplinary team of affiliate specialists are here to guide and support you through your development, every step of the way.  We use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to assess and enhance your cognitive functioning. We will work with you on issues and factors that may be inhibiting your mental performance and overall progress. We will help you to set, work towards, and achieve your performance goals. Ultimately, we will help you to optimize your life and be your personal best.

We currently have 4 service centres across Edmonton with our two main centres in the south side. Contact us to learn more.