About Effectus

Welcome to Insight Effectus! We are here to help you perform your best mentally, emotionally, and physically!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals maximize their cognitive functioning and mental performance so they can achieve their personal best.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most sought-after and trusted expert in cognitive functioning and mental performance in every community that we serve.

What is cognitive functioning and mental performance?

The terms cognitive functioning and mental performance are sometimes used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two.

Cognitive functioning refers to brain functioning abilities including: your memory, processing speed, decision-making, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and attention. It involves your overall brain plasticity (also called neuroplasticity), which is your ability to adapt to change, in response to what’s happening around you such as psychological stress or the need to learn a new skill.

Mental performance refers to the psychological aspects of performance. This can include: self-awareness (such as knowing your strengths and weaknesses), regulation of your emotions, thoughts, and actions; mental resiliency to deal with stressors in your life, in competition, on stage or other stress inducing situations; capacity to recover from crises, setbacks, and injuries; ability to manage distractions and stay focused; goal setting and strategy; mindfulness; communication, interpersonal, and leadership abilities; team dynamics and culture; negative thinking; self-confidence and self-motivation; mental health issues, and much more.

Peak cognitive and mental performance is achieved and maintained through repeated, ongoing conditioning and enhancement exercises over an extended period of time. Independently and together, cognitive functioning and mental performance can have a direct effect on a person’s daily functional capacity, physical performance and output, and overall quality of life.

Who can most benefit from improved cognitive and mental performance?

Athletes, performing artists, executives, students, members of security forces, and other professionals.

If you are looking to improve your physical performance and output, you will benefit from improving your cognitive and mental performance. We can help you perform at your best under strenuous and challenging situations, where improving your mental resiliency, psychological state, concentration, processing speed, decision making abilities, and critical reasoning can yield significant results.

Victims of stroke, traumatic brain injury, or people who are experiencing the effects of an aging brain.

We can help you if your cognitive functioning has been impaired. You may be forgetting things that you easily remembered in the past, take longer to think and process through a problem, or may be feeling “foggy” or confused. Your ability to work, communicate or maintain relationships may be affected, or possibly your capability of carrying out daily tasks that were once routine. Perhaps you might have had to rely on others to help you get through the day.

Our services can assist you in dealing with the psychological effects of your situation, re-develop some of the functional skills and abilities you have lost, regain a noticeable degree of your independence, slow-down deterioration, and ultimately help you to live a quality life.

Individuals with ADHD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or other psychological and medical issues.

These conditions can have a mild to severely disruptive effect on your daily life, work/studies, and relationships. You may have difficulty doing the things you want to do and accomplishing your personal goals. You may feel helpless and alone in your struggles. We can help you with to deal with your psychological conditions the emotional impact from them, as well as alleviating your symptoms, improving your functional capacity, and ultimately helping you to live a rich and full live.

Parents, coaches, caregivers, and family members.

You may be experiencing high stress, worry, conflict, anxiety, a sense of isolation, negative thoughts, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, or other issues and challenges in your role.

Our services can help you to gain the resiliency and skills needed to deal with the stress and other psychological challenges you may be experiencing, so you can personally stay well and continue be a dependable and effective support to those who need your encouragement and/or care.

Please contact our head office in south Edmonton if you’d like to learn more about the Effectus program.