Does Porn Contribute to Violent Crime?

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Does pornography cause rape, sexual violence or murder etc.? With a commentary on serial murderer Ted Bundy’s use of pornography. Although there are two sides to the question of ‘does pornography cause rape, sexual violence or murder?” In order to understand, we need to look at the difference between causation and correlation. Pornography may be correlated to sexual violence and murder, but it is connected to many other things as well and vice versa, just like high religiosit...Read More Here!


7 Tips for Blended Families

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About 43% of all marriages these days include one or more of the partners who have had a previous marriage. 65% of these remarriages involve children from a previous relationship. When all the math is done, it appears that one out of every three children will spend time in a blended family situation (note that this is an estimate and a definitive statistic is hard to come by on this). Therefore, you, or someone you know is likely experiencing some of the difficulties that a blended family brings...Read More Here!


Strategies for Coping with Anger

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Anger is often experienced as a reaction to underlying feelings. A woman makes an angry comment to her husband, but in reality she is feeling unheard and disregarded because he forgot to buy diapers again. This type of scenario may sound familiar to couples, but all relationships are affected by anger. It is important to take some time to understand your underlying emotions. By doing so, you can talk to the other person about what you are distinctively feeling and experiencing. Using &ldquo...Read More Here!


Getting ready for the first day of school

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Another big milestone has arrived…your child is ready for their first day of school. You have introduced the idea of your child being able to go to school all summer long. You have bought all their school supplies and a cool new backpack. Your child is excited, you are excited, so everyone must be ready! However, it is important to recognize that going into any new environment with unfamiliar faces can cause anxiety for many children. Do not be surprised if you find yourself feeling a lit...Read More Here!


Have You Got Spring Fever?

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It’s a common thought that spring time brings thoughts of love, attraction, and sexual desire. Spring fever, as some call it, is an experience felt by many. Think about your own seasonal fluctuations. Have you fallen in love more often in the spring or winter? When were you born? When were your babies born? Is there any pattern to when your relationships have ended? Let’s explore the research behind spring fever to gather more information and see if it really exists. Testosterone One...Read More Here!


What Does Your Clutter Say About You?

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In today’s world, we seem to be living in a state of “too much.” Just take a look at some of the popular TV shows such as “Hoarders” and “Consumed.” As a culture, we are being consumed by our addictions to all things. We’re eating more calories, using more electronics, and buying more “stuff”. All of this overabundance is contributing to an unprecedented level of stress and a problematic attachment. Professional organizers, who are e...Read More Here!


Does Weather Affect Mood?

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Have you ever decided to hibernate and have a Netflix marathon after spying snowflakes out the window? Do you feel more energetic as the days get longer? It’s true that mood can be affected by weather, but not always in expected ways, and sometimes not at all. Dr. John Grohol has studied the link between weather and mood extensively and here is a summary of what he has found: Warmer temperatures can have a positive influence on a negative mood, but bad weather is much more likely to put u...Read More Here!