Video: 500,000 Canadians Miss Work Each Week Due To Mental Health Concerns

An April 2017 Ipsos poll commissioned by Global News which looked at the impact of mental health issues on Canadians in the past 12 months found that 17% of Canadians say they’ve taken time off work and school to deal with a personal mental health issue. Another 8% say they’ve taken time away from their professional lives to help a family member or close friend grappling with mental illness. As well, 23% say they are taking medication to help with their mental health issue.

Another 2017 Ipsos poll commissioned by Sun Life Financial Inc. found that nearly half of all Canadians (49%) have experienced a mental health issue that have impacted their lives. Unfortunately, only 28% of working Canadians living with a mental health issue have spoken to their employer about it – a sharp drop from the 56% of Canadians who have had a conversation about a serious physical issue with their employer.

See Global News video titled 500,000 Canadians miss work each week due to mental health concerns.