How is CBT Different from Other types of Therapy?

CBT differs from other therapies because of its emphasis on the theory that how one perceives a problem or situation causes negative or dysfunctional emotions.

If someone is stood up by a date, it is not the act of being “stood-up” that causes angry and hurt feelings – but rather how one views the entire situation. Instead of looking at the event as somehow a reflection of their inadequacy or worthlessness, CBT teaches people to immediately stop that kind of thinking and instead, view the happening as a positive learning experience that has nothing to do with the unworthiness of the individual.

CBT therapists in Edmonton are skilled in clearly showing the definite interaction among thoughts, behaviours and emotions to patients seeking help.

When considering CBT, it should be noted that this style of therapy is distinct from psychotherapy because it does not concentrate on one’s past nor does it attempt to interpret dream symbols.

While psychotherapy involves methods such as free association, accessing the unconscious or understanding defense mechanisms, CBT is focused on the here and now, on what a patient is experiencing at the present time and how to correct patterns of negative thinking. Neither does CBT advocate group therapy sessions because of the individual nature of thought processes that require a one on one environment with the therapist.

As a result, many Edmontonians prefer CBT therapy to other therapies.

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