Exploring the Effectiveness of CBT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT can provide effective relief from a variety of disorders including depression and personality disorders.

CBT focuses on changing the kind of dysfunctional thinking that produces negative emotions and asserts that it is our thoughts which generate behaviours and feelings rather than what is externally happening to us.

For example, a patient of Insight Psychological who is suffering from depression and thinks he or she is worthless will be directed to understand that this pattern of thinking is hypothetical and not based on facts by examining situations from different perspectives.

The Role of Homework in CBT

Performing homework assignments contributes to the effectiveness of CBT as well. A Therapist Trained in CBT will often give patients “homework” to do once they are finished with a session. These assignments consist of keeping a written log of negative thoughts, noting when these thoughts occur and what event may have triggered such thinking. Patients will bring in these logs and talk about what they think may be the underlying causes of dysfunctional thinking with their therapist.

CBT is capable of teaching patients in Red Deer how to avert negative thoughts and replace them with positive and rational thoughts. CBT has also been found to be extremely effective and also a powerful deterrent to relapse in individuals suffering from depression.