Choosing the Right Child Psychologist in Calgary

Choosing the right child psychologist is important to both you and your child.

A troubled child who does not like their therapist will not respond well to treatment and may even develop worsening symptoms. Additionally, you want to feel comfortable around your child’s psychologist and feel like he or she understands and empathizes with the problems you and your child are experiencing.

Where to Start

An excellent way to begin the process of choosing the right child psychologist is to schedule an initial visit with one of Insight’s Psychologists in Calgary before bringing your child in. Here, you can discuss the issues which seem to be troubling your child and ask the therapist any questions you may have while at this introductory visit.

Your child may want you to accompany your child during their first session with their psychologist. This may be helpful because it could provide you with insight into whether your child likes and may eventually trust this particular psychologist.

Take it Slow

However, it is important to note that a child who is experiencing serious problems will likely seem initially wary of any child counsellor. Because you want the best for your child when they are emotionally hurting and obviously unhappy, don’t rush to take your child to the first psychologist available. Allow the child to have some control over this situation by asking what they think about a psychologist and whether they wants to talk with him again.

How Insight can Help

Insight offers several highly trained child psychologists and a wide variety children’s services to our Calgary residents. Contact our team in Calgary to get started!