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Do I have HOCD or am I in denial?

I’ve been dealing with HOCD (Homosexuality Obsessive Cognitive Disorder). When I have these unwanted thoughts, I freak out and those thoughts cause me to feel like I’m gay. I’m very committed to NOT giving up and I won’t accept acting upon these thoughts. My feelings are up and down on this. One day when my thoughts come up, I’m able to resist them and they don’t affect me. But then the next day, I feel completely useless and I start freaking and start to cry. I still have LOTS of feelings for boys. I really wanna grow up, have a crush on a guy, marry a guy, and have a boyfriend but I’m scared that in the future I won’t have these feelings and I’ll give up. I’m also a CHRISTIAN and 13 years old who is in the 8th grade. I don’t want comments telling me to accept this cause that’s what I DON’T want. I want comments that encourage me to fight this and never give up. Please and thank you.

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Sexual Fetishism

I have clothes sexual fetishism especially when I see women wearing satin lingerie but I am a male. Is there any method to cure it? I hope to live a normal life in which sexual arousal shouldn’t be affected by satin of soft silk fabric. Hope there is some advice or methods to cure this habit. Thanks.

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My boyfriend recently confessed to me that he believes he is bisexual. He had an experience he had 10 years ago and fantasizes about it sometimes. He suggested we experiment or act on these sexual fantasies together. I am not interested in this. He has since stated that he wants to continue with our strictly monogamous relationship because he would never want to hurt me or lose me.

He feels his confession changes nothing within our relationship. And though I love this man deeply, I feel like he dropped a huge bomb on me and changed everything. I am extremely confused and have a lot of questions. What are we up against? Do other people have success in “Bisexual Monogamy?” Are we doomed? I am willing to try.

We need help.

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My wife seems confused and disinterested

My wife over the past year or so has been totally disinterested in having sex with me or doing anything sexual in nature. She has extreme anxiety over it and says it really hurts when we do have sex. What can I do to help our situation? She feels really bad about it and I don’t want her to feel that way.

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