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Alex asked 10 years ago

I have clothes sexual fetishism especially when i see women wearing satin lingerie but i am a male. is there any method to cure it? I hope live a normal life which sexual arousal shouldnt be affected by satin of soft silk fabric. Hope there is some advice or methods to cure this habit. Thanks

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Julia Donnelly Staff answered 10 years ago


The first thing I would need to know is if it is a sexual fetishism or a sexual interest. A fetish means that you cannot become aroused unless you have satin lingerie. If lingerie is needed 100% of the time for you to become sexually aroused, then it can be a fetish, otherwise, it can just be an interest that you have. Something else that I would need to know is the how long has this been a problem for you, how often does it affect your life, and what your sexual history has been. Fetishisms can be managed through therapy, however they are complicated. If you’re interested in getting control over your sexuality, I highly recommend speaking to a therapist who can further explore the questions that I’ve asked you.