Dr. Cory Hrushka, Chief Executive Officer

As a psychologist, I specialize in couples and sex therapy related issues and assessment services (primarily looking at parenting psychological assessments, custody and access assessments and forensic components). I also supervise many of the professionals here at Insight. This includes supervision of the Master’s level practicum student therapists, provisional psychologists as well as consulting with the registered and senior psychologists. This comprises the majority of my work. I also work with the Management Team to support, develop, and investigate new projects that are up and coming, provide content for projects, and address inquiries regarding our services. Occasionally, I am asked by media to comment or provide support on current topics or to do presentations in the community.

Insight is very important to me – it’s my life’s work and I am particularly proud of the current family-oriented sense of community that the Insight team has grown into over the last few years. The breadth and quality of services we offer is unique to Insight. It was great to be recognized by Canadian Business as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in 2018.

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Hendriatta Wong, Managing Partner

At Insight, I support the Chief Executive Officer in providing strategic and operational leadership to Insight. I lead Insight’s strategy, operational, and business development as well as the creation of a work environment that is conducive to high personnel and organizational performances. I also develop and optimize strategic linkages and partnerships with targeted organizations, community groups, and other relevant entities to advance Insight’s mission and vision.

Prior to my current role as Managing Partner of Insight Psychological and Insight Corporate Care, I held regional and executive management positions in the human services, healthcare, industrial, and academic sectors. My former positions included Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director, Divisional Manager and Senior Director of Human Resources, Director of Corporate Services as well as Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of Management. Throughout this time, I provided strategic leadership in operations, program and enterprise development, as well as human resources management to organizations with up to 1000 employees.

The are many aspects of my work here at Insight that brings me pride, particularly our on-going effort and ability to:

  • Provide high quality psychological services to clients across communities, be they in remote or urban areas.
  • Be innovative and pro-active in the advancement of our technology, knowledge, people and material resources so that we can continually improve client care, enhance client experience, and strengthen therapy outcomes.
  • Engage and support our community in multiple ways.
  • Be inclusive, ethical, and honorable in the way that we operate and in the manner which we treat our stakeholders.

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Amanda Sokol, Director of Business Operations

I oversee the day to day operations and marketing at Insight Psychological. I work closely with the Manager of Business Administration and her team to bring our clients excellent customer service, the Managing Partners to increase opportunities to support mental health for all Albertans, and communicate with the general public through our website and social media platforms.

My background covers two separate careers: first, in art and design, and then in non-profit management- both experiences being put to good use here at Insight. I’ve always been interested in business having been the owner of a design business many years ago which transferred well into my 15-year career in non-profits including Family Futures, Volunteer Edmonton, and Autism Edmonton.

I am passionate about the importance of mental wellness for everyone. I want to reduce the stigma that is often still associated with seeking psychological support and let people know that it’s just as important to spend time with a therapist as it is with any health care professional. Why wouldn’t it be? I want our clients to have a deeply satisfying experience here at Insight so we are always looking for ways to improve our services and programs to meet the needs of our clients. The team of staff and therapists here are caring, curious, and hard working, and I’m proud to be part of this team.


May Doria, Manager of Business Administration

I ensure competent administrative support to the management team, therapists and clients. I oversee Insight’s daily administrative operations including training, scheduling, and supervising the Intake and Administration support staff.  I also deal with issues and concerns with or brought forward by therapists and clients. 

I am a respectful and hard working person with experience in administration and customer service. I have experience in showing mature professionalism and discretion of preparing, disclosing and handling information of a confidential nature.

I look to contribute positively and leave a lasting impact on those around me through the building of strong relationships.


Christy Sandmaier, Assistant Manager, Intake and Business Administration

I assist the Manager of Business Administration and the Manager of Corporate Client Services in maintaining effective administrative and client services in addition to help coordinating Human Resources Management.

Prior to my employment with Insight Psychological, I had the opportunity to stay at home with my two children as well as run a day home. During this time, I also did a lot of volunteer work in the school my children attended, as well as sporting organizations in which my children were involved.   Prior to staying home, I worked as a Legal Secretary for 12 years wherein I was in charge of the Wills and Estates and the Dependent Adult department.

Before working at Insight Psychological, I was unaware of the many positive impacts psychology and counselling can have on people and their day to day lives. I enjoy seeing clients, young and old, leave the office in a much better mindset than when they first entered. The clients, staff, and therapists make it an enjoyable place of employment and I am happy to be part of the team and excited to see where the future takes us.


Robert Kennedy, Corporate Client Care Manager

I oversee the corporate accounts and relations at Insight Psychological and Insight Corporate Care. I promote growth of the company through corporate connections and relations. I direct the flow of our facilitators and associates to ensure a positive and exceptional customer experience. I am the voice of our corporate clients.

I have had a career of sales and customer service for over 12 years. My diverse experience of customer relations has given me the tools to promote sales to the benefit of both the client and the business. I have also had 5 years of team building/management experience to help shape the effectiveness of others. My many levels of corporate ladder have given be a very open and diverse understanding of the corporate machine making my insight valuable.

Insight Psychological and Corporate Care has given me the opportunity to use my skills in a way that truly benefits people. With mental health becoming a forefront of concern with the Canadian people, we can confidently provide a service that is essential in these times. It is important to me that the product or service I promote is of quality and worthwhile. Insight provides me with both. I look forward to my growth at Insight.