Insight’s Management Team

Dr. Cory Hrushka, Chief Executive Officer

As a psychologist, I specialize in couples and sex therapy related issues and assessment services (primarily looking at parenting psychological assessments, custody and access assessments and forensic components). I also supervise many of the professionals here at Insight. This includes supervision of the Master’s level practicum student therapists, provisional psychologists as well as consulting with the registered and senior psychologists. This comprises the majority of my work. I also work with the Management Team to support, develop, and investigate new projects that are up and coming, provide content for projects, and address inquiries regarding our services. Occasionally, I am asked by media to comment or provide support on current topics or to do presentations in the community.

Insight is very important to me – it’s my life’s work and I am particularly proud of the current family-oriented sense of community that the Insight team has grown into over the last few years. The breadth and quality of services we offer is unique to Insight. It was great to be recognized by Canadian Business as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in 2018.

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Dr. Hendriatta Wong, Chief Operating Officer

At Insight, I support the Chief Executive Officer in providing strategic and operational leadership to Insight. I lead Insight’s strategy, operational, and business development as well as the creation of a work environment that is conducive to high personnel and organizational performances. I also develop and optimize strategic linkages and partnerships with targeted organizations, community groups, and other relevant entities to advance Insight’s mission and vision.

I have extensive management experience, with over 20 years of those in senior leadership roles in the human services, healthcare, and post-secondary education sectors. Prior to my current role as Chief Operating Officer of Insight Psychological and Insight Corporate Care, I have held the posts of Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director, Senior Director/Lead Officer Of Human Resources as well as Academic Program Director and Assistant Dean of Professional and Continuing Education. Throughout this time, I provided strategic leadership in operations, program and enterprise development as well as human resources management to organizations with up to 1000 employees.

The are many aspects of my work here at Insight that brings me pride, particularly our on-going effort and ability to:

  • Provide high quality psychological services to clients across communities, be they in remote or urban areas.
  • Be innovative and pro-active in the advancement of our technology, knowledge, people and material resources so that we can continually improve client care, enhance client experience, and strengthen therapy outcomes.
  • Engage and support our community in multiple ways.
  • Be inclusive, ethical, and honorable in the way that we operate and in the manner which we treat our stakeholders.

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Anna Khlgatian, Director of Operations and Business Development

At Insight, I ensure that our clients receive the highest calibre of service when in our care by continuously focusing on improvements and innovations to assist our daily operations as the Director of Operations and Business Development.

Prior to joining the Insight team, I was a part of the leadership team of the top hotels in the region and was able to be part of the evolution of the hospitality industry within Edmonton. Prior to becoming a leader, I followed my passion for luxury hotel management by pursuing my studies in Switzerland and graduating from an institution that has been recognized as top six worldwide for hospitality management. This experience also allowed me to pursue the highest honour for Hotel Concierges and earning my Les Clefs d’Or keys which signify one’s highest level of commitment to hospitality and service excellence.

As part of Insight’s leadership team, I look to support, empower and elevate the level of service, seamlessness and the best outcomes for our clients and team members. I look forward to being part of the growth, evolution and development of the team and serving many more communities in the future.

Julia Donnelly, Director of Projects and Marketing

I graduated from NAIT’s Bachelor of Business Administration program in 2020 and since then I have been a part of the Insight team as the Director of Projects and Marketing. I organize and execute our projects, oversee our marketing initiatives and strategic direction while also supporting the delivery of Insight’s business development activities. Prior to joining Insight Psychological, I worked in training and development as well as customer service. During my time at NAIT, I played four years on the Women’s Volleyball team, was a multi-scholarship recipient with top academic achievement, as well as a student leader and member of NAIT’s Student-Athlete Council. I have many years of personal experience in supporting others with mental health issues and was a strong advocate for student-athletes’ mental wellness while on the Student-Athlete Council at NAIT.

I will also be completing my Masters of Business Administration through Queen’s University in 2023. I am pleased to bring the valuable skills that I’ve gained in time management, leadership, communication, and problem-solving as well as my creativity and resourcefulness to my role as I work with my colleagues to materialize key initiatives that could improve the quality, options, and access of care for those with mental, relational, and cognitive health issues.

Dr. Robert Roughley, Director of Clinician Engagement

I have been working in the area of mental health and wellness for the past 15 years. My work has included clinical practice, research, and teaching. I have taught for several Canadian Universities and was the Director of Graduate Programs in Counselling for a Canadian University for over eight years. I am published in the areas of human sexuality and inclusive counselling practice. My clinical experience has taken place in numerous settings, including community-based mental health services, university wellness centers, and forensic settings. I completed my PhD in Counselling Psychology in 2014 through the University of Calgary (CPA-Accredited). As part of my graduate program, I completed a PhD Internship with the Correctional Services of Canada.

As the Director of Clinician Engagement, I look forward to helping lead the execution of Insight’s therapist and practicum student engagement strategies to help Insight achieve its aim of being the most trusted and sought-after psychological care provider as well as clinician development centre in every single community it serves.”

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Phillip Hau, Assistant Clinical Director

Phillip Hau

At Insight, I have the privilege of being the Assistant Clinical Director position. In this role I support the Chief Executive Officer in overseeing the clinical service delivery as well as ensure competent supervision and engagement of all clinicians. I further provide consult and guidance in the evaluation of quality clinical programs and services to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the service delivery. I serve as a clinical resource and support to clinicians on clinically related questions and concerns and consult with the Clinical Director where appropriate and necessary. With the leadership team, we explore new ideas and opportunities for operations, programs, and service advancement.

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Brandi Enns, Assistant Director of Clinician Engagement

I joined the Insight Psychological team in May of 2020 as a Registered Provisional Psychologist, and work most often in the areas of sex therapy, trauma and assessments.  I also supervise practicum students during their practicum, co-host the podcast “Up the Rabbit Hole” with owner and CEO of Insight, Dr. Cory Hrushka, as well as recruit future practicum students with Insight’s Open Houses and onboard the students before they start their practicum. 

 Before joining Insight, I was a teacher with Edmonton Public Schools for 18 years.  I worked primarily with special needs students at the junior high age, coached Volleyball for a few years, and mentored new student teachers as they started their new exciting career paths. 

As the Assistant Director of Clinician Engagement, I look forward to helping practicum students realize their potential and complete their practical hours in a safe, empowering and supportive atmosphere.  I am also excited to be a part of propelling Insight into the top tier of psychological development training centers in the province. 

Amelia Brost, Calgary Service Centre Manager

I lead the Calgary office team in providing excellent client care and building strategic relationships that support the location’s capacity to provide high-quality mental health services to an expanding group of Calgarians. I also strive to connect organizational leaders with appropriate Insight corporate care services to support them in building a psychologically safe work environment.

I recently graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing with a minor in Accounting. I started at Insight Psychological in January 2022, initially supporting the marketing and projects team. Before joining Insight, I developed customer service and communication skills in the hospitality industry and applied my marketing and business development knowledge in the architecture and construction industry. Above all, I am grateful to be employed by an organization dedicated to positively changing and enriching lives every day.

Christy Sandmaier, Assistant Manager of Client Care and Operations

I assist the Director of Operations in maintaining effective administrative and client services in addition to help coordinating Human Resources Management.

Prior to my employment with Insight Psychological, I had the opportunity to stay at home with my two children as well as run a day home. During this time, I also did a lot of volunteer work in the school my children attended, as well as sporting organizations in which my children were involved.   Prior to staying home, I worked as a Legal Secretary for 12 years wherein I was in charge of the Wills and Estates and the Dependent Adult department.

Before working at Insight Psychological, I was unaware of the many positive impacts psychology and counselling can have on people and their day to day lives. I enjoy seeing clients, young and old, leave the office in a much better mindset than when they first entered. The clients, staff, and therapists make it an enjoyable place of employment and I am happy to be part of the team and excited to see where the future takes us.

Alison Tyson, Assistant Manager of Client Care and Operations

As Assistant Manager of Client Care and Operations I support a range of departments and colleagues from front-line staff to upper
management. As a supportive team player, I actively collaborate with our management team, mental health professionals, administrative staff, and external partners to create an integrated approach to client care while fostering a team-oriented culture. In addition to this, I am responsible for overseeing the administrative operations of several corporate accounts as well as our formal assessment program.

I bring to Insight over 10 years of client care and managerial experience in the debt recovery industry. This opportunity greatly improved my interpersonal skills and guided me in learning how to effectively navigate negotiations, communications and problem solving. This role required a balance of assertiveness and empathy and the skills I acquired over my career have been an essential piece of my continued success with Insight.

It is my pleasure to be in a role that supports mental health advocacy. I am honored to assist those who provide invaluable mental health support to our communities by means of our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care and support

Sabrina Brady, Manager of Clinical Programs and Community Relations

Working in the area of mental health and wellness for the past 15 years, I joined Insight Psychological in 2020, after completing my Master of Counselling (MC) through the University of Calgary. To date, my work has included clinical practice, program development, and teaching, as a sessional instructor. In my clinical practice, I carry a generalized caseload with subspecialities in sex and forensics. I have developed programs for neurodiverse individuals, contributed to the development of addictions programming, supported the expansion of group programming for forensic populations, and provided feedback on curriculum development. I also sit on several boards, including the Edmonton Violence Prevention Centre and the Diverse Voices Steering Committee, and I volunteer with my local Special Olympics. I believe strongly in community connection and lifelong learning!

As the Manager of Clinical Programs and Community Relations, I look forward to supporting Insight as they grow their clinical (area) specializations and work towards meeting the needs of the community. Helping Insight to achieve its aim of being the most trusted and sought-after psychological care provider in every single community it serves.

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Izabela Bienko, Clinical Coordinator of Insight’s Sexual, Reproductive and Perinatal Wellness Centre (SRPWC)


I have over 8 years of direct experience at AHS working in a multi-disciplinary setting where I collaborated closely with psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, in the coordination and delivery of services to her clients. As a reflexology therapist, I have also worked directly with chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutritionists, reiki and yoga practitioners in providing multi-discipline services to my clients as well as in maintaining my own health and wellness. In my own journey through pregnancy, childbirth and perinatal issues, I have first-hand experience of many of the same issues with which my clients come for support. These include family planning, pregnancy, parenting, postpartum care, child welfare and family dynamics issues.

In my role as the Clinical Coordinator of SRPWC, I will be coordinating the multi-discipline care of our clients as well as the activities and services of our multi-discipline service providers. I will also work with our service providers to develop and deliver perinatal wellness programs for our clients.

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