what should i do to let him love me or confess?

Ask A Therapist Onlinewhat should i do to let him love me or confess?
nis asked 12 years ago

Hey I’m 20 years old. I have a friend (guy), we very close and friends and we talk everyday since one year till today. He shows interest in me a lot, (gift, lunch) the way he acts and he talks shows he loves me but I discovered he has a girlfriend. What to do to make him love me and confess? Thank you so much

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Relationships can be complicated in different ways. It sounds as though you may be experiencing a certain degree of anxiety, stress, or frustration with your current situation. Unfortunately, as individuals, we can only be responsible for changes within ourselves. Your friend may or may not be experiencing similar emotions towards the relationship and may or may not be ready to formally act upon them. In any instance, it is important for you to manage the frustrations that you may be experiencing. This involves coping strategies and self soothing mechanisms. What do you for yourself to help you accept the present situations as it is? What are some strategies that you have been using to cope? This may include mindfulness activities or other relaxation techniques. If this is something you would like more information about, the internet can be a useful tool in providing you with information regarding guided techniques, such as mental imagery. If you feel that additional guidance may be helpful for you, I would suggest looking into counseling options within your community to find a therapist who can support you throughout this process and help you work towards personal growth.