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Erin asked 12 years ago

I am currently on Anti depressants and am still feeling depressed and agitated. I know it has to do with the situations in my life. But I am having a hard time with trying to deal with everything and where to go from here. I have family and friends that are worried about me and want to help me.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Due to the biochemistry and pharmacology of antidepressants, the medication can take longer to notice changes when compared to other medication. It is also important to note that side effects can also contribute to how you are feeling. I would suggest asking your doctor or pharmacist about your concerns with the specific medication you are on.  In addition to medication, therapy can also support you in managing the difficulties that you are experiencing. A therapist can help you determine unique coping styles, self-soothing and relaxation techniques, and other mechanisms that you will be able to utilize with challenges in your life. If you think this may be beneficial for you, Insight Psychological has many therapists that can support you with this. Feel free to call and we can help you determine a therapist that is right for your needs.