Anonymous asked

Why am I so sex driven? Why do I like to be taken advantage of? Like the rape fanasy?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered

I don’t know why. There could be many reasons. I’m wondering if this is a problem for you? Is getting in the way of you enjoying sex? is it getting in the way of you having meaningful relationships? If you do find that this is a problem, you may want to come in and speak with someone. You could book an appointment here at Insight where we have many skilled therapists who work with human sexuality (780-461-1717).

There is a chance that it could be related to a traumatic experience, but not necessarily. It could also be a means for you to gain control of your sexuality (if in the past you felt like you did not have control). I would need more information in order to fully explore this. If you feel like it is getting in the way of your life, I would suggest making an appointment.

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