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rebecca asked 12 years ago

hi there im having boyfriend issues. I get horrible anxiety when my boyfriend goes out without me. it bothers me i wonder to myself is it cuz hes having fun without me or if its the money he spends on them and not me or seperation anxiety. I have only had bad experuiences with relationships and my father split when i was 3. this is taring us apart i tend to push myself away when he makes plans with his friends, do i do that so i dont get hurt as much? Sometimes i even make him feel bad for going out or i just fight with him. If he makes plans i throw it in his face and push him away and tell him im going out with the girls and go party. i hate this i wish i never got this, but i had to take ativan to stop the anxiety once. Even if he calls me and tells me hes going to the pub after work to have a beer or two with co workers i get panicky. please help me.