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My son is 11 I am frustrated that he is not interested in any sports or lessons. His favorite thing to do is play video games, computer games and play with lego and army men. He plays outside with some friends but his famorite is a boy two years younger and kinda passive. They play army men in sand or on grass and run around with play guns. He is not aggressive or violent. He is extremely knowledgeable and can carryon a conversation with an adult re world war 2, politics etc. He gets homesick very easily and we put him in summer camp this year and is still having anxiety about feeling abandoned. He still has to sleep with the hall iight on and now I seem to be nagging continuously about doing things outside the house. I ask go to a movie, rock climbing, walk at park, bike ride etc. he always says no just wants to relax at home. He was in soccer, but started really not liking it so my husband took him out. This year i said you have to be in something for exercise and he was in hip hop when 7 years and he said okay. He has gone twice and seems good at it and now doesn’t want to go, he says doesn’t want to go on stage end of year and he only said he wanted to cause he didn’t want to heart my feelings. The only thing he wants to go in is cadets when he is 12, but I am sure he won’t find it all fun. How do I make him interested in activities etc. or do I just understand that these things are not his interests and he will find his interests on his own.

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