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a asked 12 years ago

iI’m Afraid Of Everything. i can’t sleep because i’m worried that i might sleepwalk and something bad will happen to me. i missed my home so much (i’m at my hostel now). there are too much bad thoughts in my head and i haven’t been sleeping for two days now,

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Is it just while sleeping that you feel afraid? Do you have a history of sleep walking? Is there someone at the hostel you can talk to about your sleep walking concern so they can wake you if they see you sleep walking?

There are some things you can do to wake yourself up in the event of sleep walking. You can tie your leg to the bedpost. Often people who sleep walk will feel the tug on their leg and this wakes them up. or you can wear a bell on you arm or on your pajamas to wake yourself or others up.

Sleep walking is often caused by anxiety. I suggest doing some relaxation exercises before going to sleep. attached is a body relaxation exercise. the designers of the webpage suggest doing this body relaxation before meditation, but it could also be done before sleep.

you may also be interested in some guided imagery. you can check out this guided imagery, or explore the website for other options. some people like to get a friend to read the guided imagery to them before bed. others like to audio record themselves (your cellphone may have this option) and then play it to themselves as they sleep.

if there are bad thoughts in your head during the day,  I recomend a process called thought stopping. Bad thoughts are habits, so thought stopping can help remove the habit. As soon as you become aware of a bad thought, say “stop” “this does not serve me” and then repeat a positive thought that contradicts the bad thought. Some examples include “I am safe, I am a good person, the universe is taking care of me, I am powerful and confident”

if you are unable to decrease these negative thoughts, I suggest seeking out some counseling services while you are traveling to speak to someone in more detail about what you are going through. It will also be a good idea to stay connect with friends and family back home through emails, phone conversations, and letters. the more mediums you are using to communicate with, the more you will feel connected.

Take care of yourself and good luck.