Shel asked 12 years ago

i am 32yrs who still manage a pharmacy store for over 8year, during this time i completed my HND in mechanical engineering 3years ago. I am full of experience in community pharmacy, and i am talented in mechanical engineering with witty inventions in this field. i had been apply for job inmechanical engineering and the respond is you had no experience im engineering.The question is should i stop work and start year 1 in pharmacy because of pharmacy experience or continue with my passion of talented mechanical engineer and invents

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 11 years ago

A career switch is a major change in an individual’s life. From your information, it sounds that there has been a significant amount of time that has elapsed since the relationship with the client. Given this, I would see no reason to abandon the idea of a new career.  Life transitions can be challenging, but helpful support can ease this process. If you feel therapeutic support will help with your decision making, we have a number of therapists who are able to provide this, depending on your preferences and needs.