Am I alright?

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Bertha R. asked 12 years ago

I’ve been feeling sad since a long time ago, I don’t like myself, I HATE seeing myself in the mirror, I’m over weighted but I’m working out, but every time I see my stretch marks I just want to cry. I don’t have friends except 3 or 4 but online friends, I cut myself but that was one-two times Am i okay?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 11 years ago

It doesn’t sound like you’re okay. Would you say you’re okay? It’s extremely painful to experience not liking yourself. (wherever you go, there you are). I would suggest speaking to a counselor about how you can create a self-identity to be someone who you do like. You can contact someone to speak to at Insight Psychological (780-461-1717), The Family Center (780-424-5580) or The Support Network (780-482-0198). You can also call the Distress Line after hours (780-482-4357). I wish you all the best.