Am I alright?

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Bertha R. asked 9 years ago

I’ve been feeling sad since a long time ago, I don’t like myself, I HATE seeing myself in the mirror, I’m over weighted but I’m working out, but every time I see my stretch marks I just want to cry. I don’t have friends except 3 or 4 but online friends, I cut myself but that was one-two times Am i okay?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 9 years ago

It doesn’t sound like you’re okay. Would you say you’re okay? It’s extremely painful to experience not liking yourself. (wherever you go, there you are). I would suggest speaking to a counselor about how you can create a self-identity to be someone who you do like. You can contact someone to speak to at Insight Psychological (780-461-1717), The Family Center (780-424-5580) or The Support Network (780-482-0198). You can also call the Distress Line after hours (780-482-4357). I wish you all the best.