New Year’s resolutions – Cory Hrushka Featured on Fort Mac’s 103.7


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to trimming your waistline, New Year’s resolutions can easily fall by the wayside.

As the final hours of 2012 dwindle, Mix News sought out some professional help to help keep you on track.

Psychologist Cory Hrushka says making goals year round is more effective than a one-time annual attempt.

“So when people decide to make a new year’s resolution there is the intent to make that change but typically for change to occur you need to repeat something. Some people have even seven to thirty times to get it into a habit. So therefore it takes a lot energy and motivation to do that and so in those first few weeks, if they are not maintaining and it goes back to where it was before.” says Hrushka. “Also, get an accountability partner. Someone that will hold them accountable to whatever their goals are. Make sure that their goals are clearly identifiable or kind of broken down into bite size pieces.”

Hrushka also says you’re more likely to follow through on your New Year’s resolution if you make a plan with short-term goals,

“It should be a regular pattern of good we have accomplished these things what is our next step. There is an old Japanese term called Kaizen I believe, which means keep it moving forward. So allowing people to continue to grow and strive which increases people’s commitment and trust in themselves and their relationships as they kind of grow and it avoids that stagnation and boredom that occurs when people kind of settle or set into things. ”

Hrushka also says make sure you are able to track your progress.

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