Parents & Caregivers

Many parents will say that being a parent is the most fulfilling and rewarding thing they’ve ever experienced.  Those same parents may also tell you it’s the most demanding and challenging thing as well! Both are honest and truthful. The love we feel as parents is so deep and watching our children grow can be very rewarding. Children can also push our buttons in ways we never imagined before having kids! Toddlers, with their undeveloped ability to communicate may resort to hitting, scratching, or screaming when they’re upset. Managing a full-blown temper tantrum while maintaining your own composure is an admirable feat. Just when you think you’ve got parenting figured out, your kids turn into tweens and teenagers and a whole new set of challenges (and hormones) enter and may make you revisit your parenting techniques.  It’s not always easy – but there are ways to make it manageable and to provide support to your child that will help them navigate any mental health issues they may be facing and keep your mental wellness intact as well.

Insight Psychological is pleased to provide support to parents, couples, families, children, and youth.

Some of the concerns in which we can provide support include (but are not limited to):

We also provide a variety of assessments for children and youth in the areas of:

  • Developmental disabilities
  • Gifted/intellectually advanced
  • Behaviour disorders
  • Psycho-educational & memory
  • Learning disorders

Regardless of the age of your child, the issue they are facing, or your family structure or dynamics, Insight can support you and help your family to function in a healthy and supportive manner.

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