Assessments for Entrepreneurs

Insight is one of the most comprehensive psychological assessment service providers in Alberta and beyond. We maintain a library of over 350 clinical as well as non-clinical tests and work with physicians and health regions, government and pseudo-government agencies, lawyers and the court system, insurance agencies, school boards, and organizations in various industries to provide their employees, members, and clients with psychoeducational, behavioural, neuro-psychological, cognitive and functional capacity, forensic, psychological, vocational, return-to-work, personality, management/leadership abilities, and interpersonal tendency assessments.

Psychological (Clinical) Assessments

If you are concerned with or may exhibit symptoms of psychological, behavioural or personality disorders or functioning issues, you should first get a proper assessment of your condition. The assessment results will offer insight on the type and severity of your condition as well as the type(s) of treatment and care that may be needed. Issues and disorders may include but not limited to:

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Bi-polar disorder
  • anxiety disorder
  • depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • schizophrenia
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • personality traits such as histrionic, antisocial, borderline, paranoid, and schizoid disorders.

Such disorders and issues can most certainly inhibit your ability to function or interact effectively at work and at home, which in turn could threaten your business leadership capacity, relationships, and/or learning capacity.

Aside from assessments on psychological, behavioural, or personality disorders disorders and issues, you can access the following specialized clinical assessments:

  • Psycho-educational/Educational (e.g. for verbal and visual learning, attention and concentration, impulsive response, memory, language skills, or academic skills such as spelling, writing, reading, mathematics, and more)
  • Developmental disabilities (e.g. for Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • Substance or alcohol dependency
  • Forensic (violence, sexual offending, risk, parenting capacity, custody and access)
  • Others

Potential Barriers to Work and Relationships

Barriers to work could manifest in your ability to function, reason, execute decisions or activities, learn and apply knowledge, communicate, regulate your emotion or behavior, or maintain a relationship with others. Our therapists can help you to assess your:

  • Functional capacity – capacity for social interaction, communication, reasoning with emotional information, executive functioning as well as barriers in these areas that could directly affect your work success and sustainability.
  • Possibility barriers – these may include developmental disability such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning disability, or other disorders and issues (e.g. cognitive ability, memory problems, abstract reasoning issues, and common-sense reasoning, etc.) that may be inhibiting your capacity to interact, communicate, learn, focus, function, reason with emotional information, and more, that could in turn affect your learning, applications, and interactions at work.

Return-to-Work Assessments

Insight’s therapists can provide assessments on:

  • the types and extent of psychological injury, psychological effects, and/or cognitive impairment experienced by you,
  • how the injury, psychological effect or cognitive impairment might affect your readiness to return to work, and
  • the type of work accommodation that you may need.

Our therapists can also provide one-on-one therapy and support to you in dealing with your psychological injury, psychological effects, and/or cognitive impairment so that you can be more ready and able to return to work. If you have difficulty attending face-to-face therapy sessions, sessions can be facilitated through our secured online counselling (real-time, secured video conferencing). Completing a proper RTW assessment as well as ensuring proper support and accommodation at the early stage of your time off work can likely help to improve your situation and reduce the duration and/or frequency of time off from work.

Insight also works with physicians and respected disability management service providers that can assess your physical injuries/effects and your readiness to return to work. Together, we can properly assist you in preparing both physically and psychologically for an active return to work.

Vocational/Aptitude Assessments

Career/Aptitude assessments can be extremely helpful for you if you are:

  • unsure whether entrepreneurship is truly suitable for you
  • considering an exit from your business and would like to transition to another profession or career

Insight offers a multitude of interest, aptitude, career tendencies, work dynamics, and non-clinical personality assessment tools that can help you gain a better insight into your professional aptitude, interest, strengths, and limitations. This in turn can allow you to make a more informed decision when considering a career/profession/employment option or change.

Leadership Assessments

What ultimately constrains the performance of your organization is not its business model, nor its operating model, but its management model.” (The Future of Management, Gary Hamel)

While there are various factors that may affect an organization’s success, the above sentiment is echoed by countless management literature and experts. Business owners and organizational leaders shape the culture, sense of safety, level of engagement, stability, and ultimate performance of their employees/members and the organization. An effective leader is one that possesses and uses their emotional intelligence and leadership competencies to foster psychological safety, trust, motivation, creativity, diversity, accountability as well as the continuous mobilization of positive energy and actions among its people to advance the organization.

Self-awareness and the willingness to work with our strengths, address our limitations, and gain new skills as a leader is the first step towards building our capacity and competency as a leader. Insight maintains a large library of leadership assessments and can help you as well as your managers to assess their management/leadership skills and tendencies and identifying areas strengths as well as areas for development. Leadership assessments can cover a broad range of leadership dimensions including but not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive multi-aspect management skills
  • Leadership styles
  • Communication styles
  • Personality
  • Interpersonal inclinations
  • Team building
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Intercultural competency
  • Locus of control
  • Tolerance of ambiguity
  • Problem solving and creativity
  • Management decision making
  • Empowerment and delegation
  • Self-care
  • Many more

With awareness comes the need for action, where applicable, to ensure progress and achievement of targeted goals. Insight’s team of Associates, comprised of proven organizational leaders and seasoned management development specialists, also offer tailored leadership training and coaching. They can help you and your managers to strengthen your/their leadership competencies where needed or desired.

Workplace Psychological Health and Safety Scans

What mental health and work stress challenges are your employees currently facing? What psychological risks and hazards are present in your company? Are you and other leaders in your company interacting with employees in a productive and psychologically safe manner? What specific mental health programs would suit your company? Prior to implementing specific psychological health and safety initiatives, it would be important to gain a better understanding of the psychological health and safety risks, needs, concerns, and thus also priorities that exist within your company. Insight can help you to select as well as apply the appropriate group, organizational as well as individual assessment tools to gain these important insights that could guide the development of your psychological health and safety initiatives.

For specific Workplace Psychological Health and Safety scans, please click HERE.

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