Can My Child Benefit From Therapy?

Parenting is a difficult and complicated process that predominantly involves understanding the emotional and intellectual needs of your child. Some children present more problems than others, especially in areas of impulse control and anger management.

Common Issues

Common issues which may warrant considering children’s therapy with a professional therapist include: frequent fighting with peers

Insight’s children’s psychologists in Edmonton are trained to recognize whether a problem actually exists which needs to be addressed with counseling and/or medication.

Children’s Therapy

A child who needs therapy may be experiencing a chaotic time in his or her life. Divorce, changing schools or the death of a close family member can trigger episodes of problematic behavior that simply requires the assistance of a child therapist. While children often outgrow behavior that is disruptive and stressful to parents and teachers, some may need therapy for a longer period of time, or may be suffering from a chronic emotional issue resulting from a past traumatic experience.

When there seems to be nothing more that a parent can do to help their child who is suffering emotional problems, getting him or her involved in child therapy in Edmonton may be vital to helping the child become happy, healthy and whole. Call Insight today to get started.