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Do I have Avoidant Attachment?

I grew up in two separate homes where both parents physically and emotionally abused me. I always thought people didn’t like me in school, so I often ditched. I’m 18 now and still can’t hold a conversation with anyone – I get so scared they’re thinking about how much they hate me. Do I have Avoidant Attachment?

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I’m terrified of my parents yelling at me. How do I make it stop?

I am terrified of my parents yelling at me. The night before I couldn’t sleep and I had a panic attack because I was afraid to get my report card. I hate their lectures. I can’t tell them how I feel because they will just yell at me. So I just keep my mouth shut. But I can’t take it. How do I make it stop?

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How can I handle my abusive father?

Trigger warning – this question contains content that may be uncomfortable to some. Also, this question has been edited for clarity:

I have an extremely narcissistic father and he wants to completely control me forever! Help! Please, he says that if a father tells his son to drink his urine, he should do it. He physically and emotionally abuses me for no reason at all every day and wants me to be abusive my mother and sister. And yet at the same time claims that he loves me more than anything else. I guess this is because he is struggling to control his aggressive sadistic temper. He does not believe in anyone and anything, and sees himself as above all others. My father’s father was an abusive Muslim man, who raped his daughter in Iran. As a result, she committed suicide. And yet my father does not tell me anything about her. My father tells me that he always loved the moment when his father was abusing him and kicking him, because it was a scared blessing from god. Please help me! I don’t why he does this.

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