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I’m terrified of my parents yelling at me. How do I make it stop?

I am terrified of my parents yelling at me. The night before I couldn’t sleep and I had a panic attack because I was afraid to get my report card. I hate their lectures. I can’t tell them how I feel because they will just yell at me. So I just keep my mouth shut. But I can’t take it. How do I make it stop?

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Should my ex-wife tell my son he is a sperm bank donor baby?

Should my ex-wife tell our 16-year-old son that he is a sperm bank donor baby when we agreed that we would never tell him?

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Dealing with Negative and Nasty In-Laws

All I see is how perfect my sister in-law is and how wonderful her life is, as opposed to how damaged I feel and what I don’t have. We’re struggling with severe infertility which has made it worse. She has jealousy issues herself and is nasty to me at times. It’s hurtful and infuriating. How do I overcome this? And how do I boost my self esteem?

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Disciplining a 5 year old boy

My son is 5 years old, and we are having the most troublesome time with him. He does not listen and does not show respect. We have taken away all of his toys, T.V. time (only allowing him to read books), time outs, special day trips taken away, ‘spanks’, not allowed to eat supper with us (will eat by himself), quietly talking and telling him what we expect of him — NOTHING works. His real father left when he was 2.5 years. He has a wonderful stepfather in his life, who is very consistent (something my son definitely needs), but nothing is working. He punches me and says ‘I hate you, you idiot’. He smiles and gives us a goofy face when we try to punish him. Please, please help.

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I am going on a trip with my grandmother in august. She is very manipulating and if I were to tell her the truth she would get her feelings hurt. How can I tell her to back off nicely if I need to

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Why does my child protect people that abuse him?

My child has said on several different occasions that he has been abused. he is 6 years old. however the minute he talks to his family he says he made a mistake. he shows a deep attachment towards his father. can a child love someone that abuses him or is this a sign that he lied?

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