Why am I scared of dogs?

Ask A Therapist OnlineWhy am I scared of dogs?
Rimsha asked 12 years ago

I have an extremely bad fear of dogs, in fact it’s a phobia. I can’t handle it and I have to change my life plans around so I don’t see dogs. For example I stop going to the park. I have been told by many teachers that I need counselling surrounding my fear of dogs. I would like your advice on my problem please. Thank you.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago


Thank you for turning to Insight Psychological. I’m very sorry to hear about your fear of dogs. I bet that can feel very overwhelming at times.  It is difficult to say what would be most helpful for you at this time without having met with you to discuss your concerns in more detail.

I highly encourage you to book an appointment with a therapist at our office to address this issue. As long as you continue to avoid dogs in your daily life, the phobia will likely remain securely in place.

Best regards,

Ashley Tulloch