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Bryce asked 12 years ago

I am a 17 year old (bisexual) boy. I decided to date a boy I met on facebook 8 months ago, and we’ve been in a long distance relationship ever since. It is a very serious relationship. My mom found out my sexual orientation/boyfriend 2 months into the relationship, and often threatens to tell my family, and explains they’d all disown me in some way. I’m afraid of my dads reaction when she tells him. She sat down and talked to me about it when she found out, and told me it was wrong and it wasn’t normal for a boy to love another boy. I told her I couldn’t control my feelings, and that I genuinely love him. She has already done many things to hurt me such as cancelling my birthday party and depriving me of spending money for clothes etc. She favors my 15 year old brother and gives him what he wants. I think that I’m developing a possible problem with depression and anxiety because of her. I’m afraid I will very soon not have a home to live in because of her decisions. Should I talk to her about therapy? Anything? Thank you.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago


I’m very sorry to hear about your current circumstances with your family.  It doesn’t sound like your mother is very supportive or accepting of your sexual orietnation.  Sadly, this is often the case.  It can be a difficult process for parents to reach a place of acceptance around their child’s homosexuality.  It sounds like your mother would benefit from some psychoeducation surrounding human sexuality and sexual orientation.  I’m proud of you for embracing your sexual orientation at such a young age.  Your vulnerability and honesty with your mother is a sure sign of your strength.

You may be experiencing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety as a result of your interactions with your mother.  This situation would be difficult for anyone!

I encourage and recommend that you book an appointment with one of our therapists for individual counselling and/or family counselling.  Therapy would provide you with an opportunity for you and your mother to address your concerns and share your perspectives. 

All the best,

Ashley Tulloch