Dealing with a spouse who is constantly Suspecting

Ask A Therapist OnlineDealing with a spouse who is constantly Suspecting
Janet asked 12 years ago

How do you deal with a spouse that is always suspecting everybody and everything?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 10 years ago

It is very frustrating to be in a relationship that lacks trust. It is possible that your partner has been hurt in the past, or perhaps they cannot cope with their own anxieties. This creates a problem for both people. I would highly recommend couples counseling for you and your spouse. Your partner needs to know that while you need to be respected and trusted, you still care about your partner’s feelings. If you support your partner in growing and learning to tend to their own insecurities, the result will be better than if you just ignore or dismiss their suspicions.

This is a very difficult thing for couples to do through so I highly recommend speaking to a therapist. You may want to approach it as “we need support because what we have been trying so far is not working” rather than “you need help”.

You can contact a counselor here at Insight (780-461-1717) or you may want to speak to someone at The Family Center (780) 424-5580)