Still sad about a break up even 2 years later

Ask A Therapist OnlineStill sad about a break up even 2 years later
Roger asked 13 years ago

I am trying to find out whether I need professional help or not. I had a breakup 2 yrs ago with my ex and to date I am so sad and depressed. I cannot seem to get her out of my mind and I am still so madly in love with her. I am stressed all the time and feel so low and down. It’s affecting my daily life and I haven’t been able to have any relationship with another person.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 11 years ago

Firstly, I’m very sorry to hear that you are having difficulty letting go of your past relationship and moving forward in life. I can understand why it has been such a painful and challenging experience for you to overcome as it was a major loss in your life. Despite your feelings of sadness, it sounds like you still have hope for the future.

If you think that professional help may provide you with the tools, resources, and perspective that you need to process what has happened and move forward, then I definitely recommend that you book an appointment at our office. As therapists, it is our hope to provide an environment for our clients that facilitates opportunities for growth, change, and new possibilities. Even if you just need someone to listen, we are here for you.