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sophia asked 12 years ago

My boyfriend and i got back together almost a year after he broke up with me. During the time we were seperated he dated two other women one in June and the other in August. I couldnt date anyone because i was so hurt, we dated for 1 year and he can move on like its no big deal. i dont understand. But now that were back together i still catch him lying to me straight to my face. I became friends with this girl and she started dating my guy friend. So those two, my boyfriend and i would go on double dates. Recently i found out that my boyfriend and the girl i became friends with had sex when we werent together and no one ever mentioned that to me! I dont even know how I feel about it. Once i asked him about it he lied straight to my face so i texted her and she told me they did have sex. I told him that i knew and he seemed mad at me and we never even talked about it. Another thing my boyfriend always makes me sound like the bad person even to my friends this i do not understand either. He is my first boyfriend my first everything you could do with a guy besides kiss. I do care about him but i realised a pattern with him. sometimes he still talks to his ex’s and he ive told him it bothers me but he still does behind my back. I have to snoop through his phone and facebook to find things out because there is so much i feel i dont know and he has always lied to me so if i ask him ill never be sure if its the truth. I mean the conversations he has with his ex’s just seem friendly no flirting but still i dont approve of it. Basically i need a second opinion on everything and want to know if im just overreacting or if i should seriously consider just breaking it off with the person i love.