Purging relapse

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Sarah asked 12 years ago

I used to have an issue with purging, but after going to some treatment, I did really well for months. Then in November, I had some struggles again. But I’ve been well since then. But yesterday, I threw up again and now I’m really scared. I don’t want the habit to come back, but it felt good.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago


Self esteem can play an important role in eating disorders. I would suggest seeing one of our counselors to help you with the issues that you are experiencing. With therapy, we can support you in strengthening your self worth as an individual. In addition, it may also be beneficial to develop healthy coping mechanisms that you can utilize during times of stress. Maggie and Jason are two of our therapists who specialize in eating disorders. They would be able to help you with this issue through different therapeutic techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy.