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Cypress asked 12 years ago

Lately I have been kind of down, and there is no one to talk to. I have a best friend, but recently found out she has OCD, so I dunno if I should tell her my problems or if it will cause her to get worst. I don’t have anyone else to talk to, I feel like everyone else doesn’t care…

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Dear Cypress,

It sounds like you are in a very tough dilemma. I would suggest talking to your friend about the concern you have regarding making her worse with your problems. Let her know that you care a lot about her, and you have a problem of your own. Tell her that you have been hesitant to share your problem because you know that she has a lot to deal with right now and you don’t want to give her any more. Then see how she responds to that. She will know herself if she is able to “take on” the problems of a friend. Sometimes it is helpful when we are dealing with major concerns (such as OCD), to be able to offer comfort and support to those who are close to us (it’s nice to know that we are not the only person who has issues). You might actually be doing your friend a favor by giving her the opportunity to help someone else.

One concern that I do have for you is that you feel you have no one else to talk to. It’s important to have a variety of people in our lives who can support us. I would suggest coming in to Insight and talking to one of our therapists, or contacting The Support Network. They run a distress line which is available 24 hours (780-482-4357). They also have schedualed counseling sessions (780-482-0198). Meeting with a therapist can help you brainstorm ways to increase your support network, and can also provide you with an opportunity to talk about your problems.