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janet asked 12 years ago

I the wife have been ill for about a year i recently had a mecial procedure 6 days ago and have extreme pain from it cant sit cant stand cant walk or get massive pain and cramping. i have so little energy i cant drive holding even an empty dinner plate is heavy. My husband works at a company where they do sometimes have to work out of town, he just came back 2 days before my medical procedure worked late nights and long days, had a weekend off i begged him not to go back out on the road as i need him and his support right now i have never asked him in 20 years of marriage not to go becuase i really need him right now. he left and feels that going away to work is being supportive and that there is nothing he can do here for me to help so he feels he made the right decision in going out of town for a couple of weeks. To me this isnt love or support and whenm i am told well my carrer is important and other guys are relying on me as well and i cant do anything for you. how is this support? i feel like my marriage is over he chose work over my health and well being and to me this is not love and is exgtremely hurtfull.